dog eat dog

He was nice enough, smart enough, interesting enough. He wore his spirituality like an ill-fitted coat, but at least he was trying. Maybe he was a little too pleased with himself and his two cars, though he pointed out with a humble shrug that the convertible was just for fun. I can’t blame him. He’s done really well in this dog eat dog town.

We decided to take our dogs to the dog run. They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. I say: if you can make it in L.A., you can make it anywhere.

This is true for dogs as well as people.

My little girl got jumped at the dog run by a pack of big bully dogs. They came out of nowhere. She screamed as the dogs pawed and bit her; my date and I dove into the fray and pulled them off.

There was no blood, but my little girl was dirty and wet from slobber. She’s missing a few tufts of hair and has a scratch across her back.

Having your dog jumped at the dog park is a terrible way to start off a date.

I teared up while trying to make sure my girl was okay and fought the irresistible urge to cry. My date went back to play with his dog. When he saw that I was upset, he tried to hug me.

Trying to hug someone you don’t know, but probably want to sleep with who almost lost their dog to a dog attack and has adrenaline still seeping like a slow leak through their veins is a terrible way to comfort said person. Plus which, it felt slightly opportunistic. And maybe a little slimy.

Trying not to cry when you need to is always distracting and when we finally left the park, he filled the silence with chatter. I suppose it’s hard to plan for a first date with a sniveling woman and her traumatized five pound dog. I responded with well-placed grunts.

“Are you hungry?” he asked as we passed his favorite Thai place.

Eating with someone you don’t know who probably wants to sleep with you, while suppressing adrenaline-fueled tears due to pulling your five pound dog out from under of a pile of very big dogs, sounded like a really, really terrible idea.

I asked him to take me home.

People say that dogs are resilient, that they bounce back, and I know this little girl must be, if she’s survived this long with me. I don’t know if she’ll ever get over this event. And for the first time, I’m worried that this dog eat dog town will eat her up.

It makes me so sad.

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