Amy’s mother says that Amy’s resume reads like a novel.

Her first job as the lawn mower of 6 Tiffany Lane was the only time in her life she experienced the benefits of nepotism in the workplace. Regardless of how many rocks she ran over, she kept getting paid.

Since then, Amy has been a telemarketer, library assistant, cellist, dishwasher, fancy coffee drink maker, sandwich artist, bus boy, brunch chef, line cook, full body masseuse, stage manager, cocktail waitress, scenic painter, dancer, writer, donut fryer, t-shirt seller, craft vendor, jewelry assembler, puppet maker, small business owner, ear piercer, buyer, bead seller, barista, salad tosser, wholesale jewelry show assistant, entrepreneur, cocktail waitress, theater company owner, wedding ring seller, inventory taker, cocktail waitress, actress, aerobics instructor, personal trainer, exotic dancer, jewelry designer, studio manager, cocktail waitress, bartender, cocktail waitress, movement artist, event waiter, cater waiter, prep cook, singer/ songwriter, rock cellist, hair washer, floor sweeper, hair cutter, colorist, pheromone pusher,  make-up artist, wig maker, hair designer, wig stylist, Broadway hair department head, image consultant, temporary tattoo giver, screenplay writer and filmmaker.

Amy contends that an interesting life makes an interesting person and, more importantly, interesting art.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. I came upon your blog by googling (I must note that “googling” must now be an official term as the little red squiggly did not show up underneath) “50 dates in 50 states” as a fleeting thought that my genius blog idea and defense for quitting my job to “find myself” may have already been done….I was right! I was disheartened because the slightest hurdle in my new found unemployed life seems to hit me in a very dramatized manner. I must admit that I found instant solace after reading a few of your latest entries. Hey, if a writer with your inspirational resume and wit came up with the idea, maybe I have some other good ones brewing up there. You seem like a wonderful person. Very inspiring 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Your message means more to me than you can imagine.

      Here are two things I know:

      1. Ideas are cheap, even genius ideas like ours. What holds real clout, are the people who pursue them.

      2. This journey for me has been oddly invigorating, inspiring, and enlightening. I’ve learned so much. I believe there’s no better way to travel the world than as a skeptical, hopeless romantic with a terrible sense of direction with a stupidly cute dog.

      That said, if you can afford to quit your day job, travel the states, and see this world through the eyes of people who think you might be the person they’ve been looking for, go for it!

      And if you’re in one of those 38 states I haven’t hit yet, maybe we should meet for a cup of coffee!

  2. I like your blog idea. I stumbled across it when I was searching for my friend’s okcupid account so I could mess with him. You should go out with him. He’s a single great guy, early 30’s, from the mid-west, residing in Juneau. I’ll lie to him and say that a friend of mine needs to be taken around. Ehh?

  3. 1. Ideas are cheap, even genius ideas like ours. What holds real clout, are the people who pursue them.

    That’s for sure. It’s a lot scarier to see if they’ll work because some won’t. But just talking about them gets you nowhere.

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