Half Way Down the Bunny Trail


I hope you don’t mind me popping by. I was feeling a little lonely.

I miss you.

A lot has happened since last we met. I started another blog called Filthy Stinking Rich. It’s about money. Our relationships to money. And my attempts and strategies at becoming filthy stinking rich, which included buying pot stock, playing the lottery, and talking to witches, none of which, it turns out, are expedient ways of accruing wealth.

I applied to graduate school. I decided I wanted an MFA in creative writing. Which, I am quite aware, is in direct opposition to my goal of getting filthy stinking rich.

Anyway, I found that thinking about money all the time was making me miserable, and decidedly not rich, especially as I was looking one way down the blade of a machete poised to shred my income by about 90%, maybe more. So, I fell out with the blog. For now, anyway.

Then, I got into graduate school. And I was happy.

Then, I didn’t get funding for graduate school. And I was sad.

And then I asked for funding. And they said yes. And I was happy.

In the meantime, I started learning 3D computer animation. I really, really liked it.

I decided to rent my place. I painted it. I was in the process of painting it when something big happened. Something huge. Something I never, ever, ever saw coming.

One night, in the midst of painting, while I was at work, someone, some faceless nameless person, quietly climbed up (or down) my fire escape, slid open my bedroom window, carefully moved the paint cans from the window sill to the floor of the fire escape, and helped himself to many of my things. My computers, my cameras, my iPad, my carry on luggage, and half a sheet set.

And I was sad.

My 3D animation career unceremoniously put on summer hiatus, my sense of security shattered, I rashly quit my job (with four weeks notice), decided to sell my apartment, and move to New Hampshire, where I will write a novel and other stuff under the tutelage of many fine professors.

The burglary served one positive purpose. It greatly simplified my life. No longer a slave to the internet, since I had none, no longer distracted by long hours learning Maya and working on my next installment of my stop motion animation series “The Adventures of Dot,” I found myself with a lot of time and a singular focus. I fixed up my apartment. I put it on the market. Within the week, I received a satisfying offer which will hopefully go through without incident.

And then, I will take one large step into the Ocean of Change, acclimate to the cold water, and dunk myself under.

A psychic once told me that I’d live to 90. If he’s correct, on August 2, 2015, I will be smack dab in the middle of my life. Halfway down the bunny trail, where only beginners dare to tread.

Having put my travel dating adventure aside, I find myself standing in the eye of the storm called life.

IĀ  figured I might as well switch up my blog, too, and simply write about switching it up, starting over, following dreams, and learning how to be an absolute artist, a full-time human, a professional… beginner.


8 thoughts on “Half Way Down the Bunny Trail

  1. As much as I was stunned when I heard about the carefull paint cans re-mover I am happy for you turning to a fresh canvas. Looking forward to seeing and reading about all the hues that are about to succeed in your renewed take on life.

  2. I’ve missed you!! I always wondered if my dating advice helped you at all. It hasn’t really helped me šŸ˜›

    I’m sorry about the theft and the violation. I can’t really imaging how that feels, and my heart goes out to you. I’m hoping you are able to find the fresh start exciting… and I look forward to hearing about it šŸ™‚

    • the top sheet and a pillow case… two of my favorite pieces expressions of bed sheet. Though, if they had taken the fitted sheet, I don’t know what I would’ve done.

  3. Welcome back! I do adore your musings and since I will miss you terribly as you head out in to the Ocean of Change, I am thrilled that you have returned to muse in a space that I consistently check on. So excited for you on your journey ahead!

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