Last week, my blog was nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award.

I was nominated by a fellow blogger and dater SteveSW, whose blog “My Next Date”  is a humorous, male’s perspective of the dating game. It’s a must read. Check it out.

It’s nice to be appreciated, especially by one’s own Very Talented Peers. So, thank you SteveSW, whoever you are, for the nomination.

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

* Post a link back to the person who nominated you.

*Nominate six bloggers who you love to follow and read.

I follow many blogs, but these are my favorites, each for their very unique perspectives:

* Tara Tiara – an irreverent look at sex and relationships from a retired professional escort turned humorist’s atypical point of view. She offers advice, too. The kind of advice Dr. Ruth might give if she was 5’11” and blonde.

* Accidental Stepmom – a really well-written, funny, and poignant blog about life, family, and relationships from a rocker chick who turned into a stepmother of five children (ages 5 – 16) pretty much overnight.

* Rantings of an Amateur Chef – reading this blog takes me closer and closer to turning on my oven. Which will happen. One day. Soon.

* Snarky Snatch – another irreverent, naughty look at sex and relationships… with illustrations!

* Photobotos – featuring amazing photographs taken from around the world. Perfect for a daily intake of beauty and inspiration.

* The Big Book of Dating – yet another Really Well Done Dating Blog

Finally, as a momento of appreciation to you, dear readers, I’ve created a dramatic reenactment of a date.


And now, to further demonstrate my appreciation, I am going to walk my dog.

And as an encore, watch me wash the dishes.

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