The Rules

1. No sex on the first date.

2. Two drink maximum per date.

3. No dates at Starbucks, Red Lobster, TGIFridays, or any corporate owned restaurant. I am looking for local flavors with a local flavor.

4. However, all dates will be in a public arena.

5. Potential dates may not refused on account of income level, employment, or political affiliation.

6. Second dates are permitted. Writing about second dates is still in question.

7. If a date gets creepy, I am permitted to slide out the back, arrange for an emergency call, be overcome with sudden onset food poisoning, or otherwise end said date prematurely.

8. There will be one “dating dress” to be worn to all dates. Accessories with alter according to venue, town, and season. The dress will be the scientific control.

9. All rules are subject to change.

10. All potential dates must like dogs.

4 thoughts on “The Rules

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